Company: Maya Kite and Dancers
Compensation: Video

The Tank has given Maya Kite and Dancers the amazing opportunity to host a new festival, Truth in Motion. The premise of the festival is to give choreographers the opportunity to create meaningful works that are presented in a positive light. In the current political climate, it is easy for art makers on either side of the political spectrum to create negative and angry work that points to what the artist believes is false or ridiculous. In this festival we hope to present work that represents the artists core values and beliefs, your truth in this moment. 

The festival will be held on August 24-26 at The Tank. If accepted, you will be given one or more dates to perform. Tech will be held an hour before each performance. Minimal light cues available. Because The Tank has provided the theater free of charge, there are no fees for application or production, but this is a curated event. Please submit an application at www.mayakiteanddancers/blog

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