Company: Inclined Dance Project

Presented by Inclined Dance Project, inQUAD is an original performance split-bill series featuring the work of emerging female choreographers. Now entering it’s third year, inQUAD is opening up to an application process so that a new group of up and coming dance creators may take part.

The mission of inQuad is:
-To meet, network, and develop relationships with other emerging female choreographers and to support participating artists’ ongoing success in their own work through new connections.
-To provide participating artists with guidance, resources, and hands-on experience in show production so that they may have the tools and knowledge to self-produce their own work in the future.
-To give participating artists the proper allotment, show documentation, compensation, and audience-sharing that every production and split-bill should have. This includes ticket sales, video, photos, reviews, and audience reception.

Performance dates:
August 18th & 19th, 2017
at Dixon Place

If selected for inQUAD 3.0:
-Participating choreographers will attend brief, once a month mandatory meet-ups leading up to the show to develop the show, meet the other participating choreographers, and network with the inQUAD group. Meeting times will be determined among the choreographers once participation is finalized.
-Participating choreographers will owe a production fee of $200
-The opportunity to present 15-20mins of work each night. (The work presented can be a new work or an already completed piece.)
-The opportunity to be invited back for a future iteration of the series in order to maintain networking and inclusion within the inQUAD family.

Participating choreographers will receive:
-two night performance run at Dixon Place on August 18 & 19, 2017, both shows beginning at 7:30pm
-1 hour of tech time
-marketing support
-percentage of ticket sales
-video and photos of performance
-review of your work
-audience reception and afterparty in the Dixon Place Lounge following each performance
-the opportunity to present your work again in a future iteration of inQUAD

For more information and for Application please visit inQUAD

Applications are due by May 5th, 2017 11:59pm


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