I’m a budding musician and beginner songwriter. I’m very interested in the heavy metal genre of music, particularly female heavy metal bands and artists. I’m very passionate about dispelling some of the negative myths and stereotypes around the image portrayed in this genre. I want to see what is behind the violent lyrics, intense vocals, energetic performances and associated lifestyle. What drives musicians to play heavy metal? Is it true that all metallers are as demonic offstage as onstage? Or are they really quite stable, balanced human beings? Female heavy metallers aren’t well represented in the mainstream industry, so I’m specifically focussing on female heavy metallers here. I’m looking for a heavy metal band or artist who would be willing to be filmed over a month to help me get answers to some of these questions. This means filming gigs, recording sessions, press interviews and a small portion of the documentary will be given to filming some downtime that the musician(s) have. Filming in these areas will help to form a more accurate picture of the human side of heavy metal. The successful applicant(s) will get increased publicity of their music, as this documentary is going out on YouTube with a view to releasing it to music TV channels. Deadline for applications: 31/10/2015.

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Heavy metal musician(s)

The successful applicant(s) must have at least 3 years’ experience in the music industry, be passionate about positive publicity within the metal genre and willing to take part in an initial meeting to discuss the finer details of this project, with a view to starting filming as soon as possible. Dedication and commitment are essential, but most of all, enjoy this new, dynamic experience!

Females, aged 18 to 99 from Manchester, United Kingdom

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