Camera op needed to film an acting training workshop from1pm-6:30pm on Sunday as my previous camera op is unavailable due to unexpected circumstances.

Location is in Sydney’s Inner West and the Op would need to have a canon 5d mk3 / equivalent or better in terms of gear. Having access to 1 or 2 lights and 2-4 C-stands would be a bonus! Either inbuilt microphone or external mic would also be of great assistance however a solution can be worked out if you have no way to capture audio.

You’d be filming screen test type exercises so tripod is fine, and no editing would be required. You would need to transfer footage at the conclusion of the day to an external hard drive at the venue.

As the workshop is being run free of charge for experienced actors to develop training curriculum, a nominal fee of $70 can be offered for the duration along with my thanks, lunch and a glowing recommendation on Starnow. I’d also be happy to assist you on upcoming projects as a skills exchange when I’m available, and have experience working as a special effects makeup artist (with own professional kit), editor/colourist, camera op (know how to op DSLRs, Sony FS700, Sony F5, black magic, Canon C100 or C300, RED cameras, GoPros etc with a range of accessories), screenwriter, director, AD and stills photographer (with own gear).

The workshop will be interesting if you are also an actor or want to gain a better understanding of acting processes etc and you are welcome to come for the entire workshop (9-6:30pm Saturday and Sunday) and sit in if you’d like. You’d also be credited on any footage that is published.

More details will be given upon application.

All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


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