Title: Cast and Crew Wanted for Short Film Based in Leeds

Hello. I am a student filmmaker based in Leeds. I have just currently finished off writing a screenplay for a short film called ACID. The film is centred around three characters, Tyler, Charlene & Kiyomi. The story is about the hardships and tribulations of what the characters go through such as social issues, unemployment, welfare just to name a few. The meaning of the title relating to the characters is that ACID is a substance that burns in which the characters feel in their heart, a burning sensation of severe pain of emotional & physical abusive suffering. The concept of the film is about freedom. One should ask themselves what the word freedom represents or defines and how far you would go to achieve. An example would be the case study of Kiranjit Ahluwalia who burnt her husband alive found freedom in prison than the abusive home she was living in. In a strange way freedom comes in all sorts of measures that we take in life in which tests us how far we would go to achieve it, some people choose to run away, others decide to commit suicide as their escapism. If anyone is interested please contact me via email and I will send you the screenplay.

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