This is a Dystopian/ ‘Black Mirror’ style stand-alone drama, based in a film production company of 55 minutes in length. ‘If CGI could legitimately replace actors’ I’m looking to go into the high production value TV drama industry as a Director/ Producer, using this film to do so. I’m looking for the main supporting cast, all with an abundance of lines and screen time.

We’re shooting in North Greenwich, London Primarily, between the 3rd and the 19th of March. Understand, with it being no-budget that we can only cover travel and food. All of our budget is going on Ballrooms, tactical police uniforms and Hollywood grade automatic weapons. This film will be put into big Festivals like Sundance, Raindance and Toronto Film Festival as well as go on IMDB. It’ll be a lot of work, but being on set will never be a bore I promise you.

Look at the individual cast posts for exact casting dates I look forward to hearing from all of you!

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