Requirement: Professional Boxers and Wrestlers

When: May 2016

Location: Los Angeles, California

Payment: 167$ for 8 hours of work.

Central casting is calling for professional wrestlers and boxers to act in a fight club scene for the show ‘Ray Donovan’, being filmed soon. The call is for people with real time boxing experience to make the scene look as realistic as possible. Also, the applicants must be within the age bracket of 18-40 years old. Only those applicants will be considered for short listing that are local since we do not provide transport. Also, considering the tight schedule, it is impractical to come to another town losing on a lot of time in commute. Therefore, your residence in Los Angeles is essential.

In order to apply, send in a shirtless photo of yourself along with name and contact details to Do not forget to include a short paragraph about your boxing experience. The subject line will be “BOXER”. If you have any tattoos, you will be required to bring a written clearance with you to the set once you are selected. Inform beforehand if you have worked on this show on any of the previous seasons.

Ray Donovan, the main lead, is considered a fixer or problem-solver for all of the Hollywood’s crème de la crème. Be it celebrities, TV show hosts, famous athletes or business tycoons, everyone’s go-to guy is Ray Donovan, the sole guy who has the ability to make everyone’s problems disappear. The true value of being this uptown problem-solver is only known to him, considering his past as a hardnosed thug in Boston, earning a living by looting people. This job, on the other hand, has included him in the league of the truly powerful and influential ones. But no matter how lucrative his work may be and how much power he may hold, nothing is imposing enough to overshadow the darkness of his past, which keeps coming back at him in the form of distressed brothers consistently calling for help. Added to the haunting burden is the release of his father after serving 20 years of jail time.

This release comes as a sign of much trouble to him since his father, Mickey, has now moved to Los Angeles to reconnect with the family, get hold of what he thinks is rightfully entitled to him and also, settle the score with Ray’s family, his wife and kids, who are quite anxious about meeting his father. All these factors combined are threatening enough to destroy the name and positive reputation he has developed for himself over the years.

The show started airing in June, 2013 and has aired 3 seasons as yet and has won few awards as well, including a Golden Globe as well. The creator of the show is Ann Biderman.

This is a great opportunity to be apart of a well known show on a premium cable channel.

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