Title: Casting Call #2 Casting White Male Age 25-35. Charlotte, NC
Date: 28 May 2017 10:23 pm

Casting Call #2 Casting White Male Age 25-35. Charlotte, NC

CASTING NOTICE (serious inquires only)


Please send 3 current photos, an acting resume , height,  weight, and a reel if possible.


Location is Charlotte NC it is a deferred pay.  We will provide food, imdb credit,  and copy for your reel.


See description below and make sure you put “hat” in the subject line.


Name: Septimus Small

Race: White
Gender: Male
Hair Color: (I’ll leave this up to you, Lucky.)
Age: 25 – 35
Size: (5’6 _ 5’9.)
Description: Septimus Small is a very intellectually gifted neuroscientist specializing in how the brain perceives and processes reality. He grew up despising his appearance, particularly his large buck teeth. He is a romantic at heart, but hasn’t had good luck with girls, leaving him very bitter and resentful. He fancies himself an old-fashioned gentleman from Victorian England born into the 21st century. Septimus never fully grew up and tends to regress into childhood interests for comfort. His bad luck with women his own age leads him to pursue women just barely of legal age, being attracted to their perceived innocence.

Special Qualifications: Septimus will occasionally adopt a phony, wannabe posh British accent when he’s feeling particularly pretentious.
If interested please email luckybreakstudios@gmail.com


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