Title: Casting Call African American males 15-16, Caucasian male mid 40’s Charlotte, NC
Date: 2017-12-12 01:28:47

Casting Call

Charlotte, NC

Filming either December 27 or 28
Junior Lewis – 16 year old African-American male… tall for his age
Coach Heesacker – 40’s White male, short to accentuate Lewis’s height

Attached is a photo for reference for 16 year old Lewis

(this is 13 year old Lewis)

Supporting Cast:
Courtney Shand – 15 year old African-American male… shorter than Lewis
Javelin Coach – 40’s White male, as tall or shorter than lewis
9 Football players – 15 or 16 year old While males

Please send headshot and resume to juliemmons@gmail.com


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