Title: Casting Call, Ever Alter Productions is casting for a short film. Wilmington, NC
Date: 12 March 2017 | 4:02 pm

Ever Alter Productions is casting for a short film being produced as a promotion for a book release in July.

More details will be given in casting process but the film will have a Tyler Perry style drama/comedy mix. The roles to be cast are as follows:

NARRATOR: Female LEAD, African-American preferred. We are looking for a Loretta Divine type voice to narrate the short film

VIOLA: Age 60-80, African-American, Hasn’t missed a Sunday at church in 50 years.

AVA: Female LEAD Age 20-30. African-American In law school, but spends her nights making a living as a high profile exotic dancer (no nudity). Must be comfortable in exotic attire and dancing for one scene

RICO: Male Age 40-50, Hispanic preferred but any ethnicity may apply. Drug dealer, dresses like a businessman

LAVISH YOUNG MEN: Age 21 and up, Any ethnicity. Club scene

BOUNCER: Age 30 and up, any ethnicity, club scene

SEXY GIRLS: Age 21 and up, any ethnicity, club scene

LARRY SMITH: Male Age 40-50, African-American, club owner

PAMELA: Female Age 30-50, African-American preferred, any ethnicity may apply

CHONISE: Female Age 21 and up, African-American, New York City girl

MR. GRANT: Male Age 50-60, African-American

At this time we are not holding live auditions. Please reply to this post with the character or characters you are applying for and include resume (if any), headshot and reel (if any).

The Director wishes to use CL email for the Casting.


The Southern Casting Call has VERIFIED the Casting Call.


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