We are making a feature film called Mega Time Squad. A bumbling thief finds an ancient Chinese time travel device that can help him pull off a heist and start a new life, but he may not survive tampering with time. Set in Thames, with a thick layer of provincial humour. In the style of films like Looper, Mega Time Squad combines the worlds of sci-fi and crime to make a comedy-thriller with a time-travel twist.

The film is a co-production between two prolific Auckland production companies Candlelit Pictures and Blur and Sharpen. The former brings Anna Duckworth as producer, and the latter Tim Van Dammen as writer and director. We’ve got a stellar cinematographer Tim Flower on board. Our bogan protagonist is going to be played by Anton Tennet.

We are self-funding the project and are going to be working with a small crew. We are shooting from 27th of March – 22nd April. We are filming largely around Auckland city with a couple of splinter unit day trips to Thames.

We are looking to cast the following roles;

Trashinator; a Paeroa local who calls himself Trashinator. He works at both the Paeroa Petrol Station and is the Night Manager at the The Come Inn motor lodge. He’s harmless, feral, fiercely local, a know it all, supremely confident, and sleazy.

Damage; Mongrel, feral, aggressive but doesn’t look tough, thinks he’s real tough, 20’s – Napoleon Dynamtie (a feral version).

Wen (Chinese); Smooth, serious, professional, seems like he’s from a real gangster movie, late 20s.

Gibbo or Hootch; thinks being a low level weed dealer is awesome, takes shit real serious, loyal.

Shelton; He is the villain of the movie. Shelton is the bigoted local crime boss. His two-bit provincial gang is made up of all the misfits and misguided youths he could round up to do his bidding – mostly selling weed. He’s 40ish, confident, firey, full of NZ colloquialisms, hilarious but also threatening – think Chopper Reid.

Terry; late 30’s, been with Shelton for a long time and is his number one guy, takes himself seriously, is studying at night school to become a teacher.

Sam; Stoner, helps Shelton because him mum told him to but Shelton got him selling weed for him on the side, honest, teens – Think a young James Franco.

Antique Store Owner; Older Chinese man, knowing, fed up, thinks everyone is an idiot. (Pref does not have a NZ accent).

Pat; University age. Into sports. Douchebag, mummies favourite child. (Could be male or female).

Karl; Gruff pub owner, belly, 50’s.

Wah-Lee; 20’s. Chinese Warrior from 16th Century China.

Chinese Gangster
Police Officer
Chinese Monk
Old Lady
Middle aged house wife
Service Station Attendant
Young Chinese couple

We will be holding auditions at the Candlelit Pictures in Epsom, Auckland on Thursday and Friday 10th & 11th of March.

Please apply now with your CV, photo and showreel on your StarNow profile.


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