An upcoming horror movie, ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ is casting actors with experience in the field of medicine. Directed by David M. Rosenthal, this movie is the remake of ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ released in 1990. The actors (men and women) will play the role of medical nurses for a scene in the movie. The shooting of the scene will take place on Thursday, June 9th 2016 in the Atlanta, GA area. If you are a model, actor, or a talented individual who is the right fit for the role, then do not let this opportunity slip out of your hand.

About the Movie

‘Jacob’s Ladder’ is a movie based on the story of a Vietnam War veteran who was mourning the death of his child and was suffering from bizarre hallucinations. The movie portrays his efforts to unveil the truth behind those hallucinations. He needs to differentiate between what is real and what are his own delusions and dreams. The producers of the movie are Pete Shilaimon, Mickey Liddell, and Jennifer Monroe. The screenwriters are Sarah Throp and Jeff Buhler. The lead actors are Nicole Beharie, Michael Ealy, and Jesse Williams. The director of this movie has also directed Ealy in The Perfect Guy.

It is going to a tense action thriller starring two brothers. In 1990, Adrian Lyne directed the movie with the same title. Bruce Joel Rubin was the writer and producer, and the lead actors were Elizabeth Pena, Tim Robbins, and Danny Aiello.

Casting Call Details

Any men and women can apply for this acting position.  You can also recommend a friend, who you think would be best for this role. Having some major experience in action films is not compulsory. The email should include 3 recent photos. The picture does not have to be professionally taken. It can be a selfie, but without any filters. The photos should be taken in a well-lit environment with the right focus and a plain background. Here are a few more picture specific details:

  1. 1 Face Forward
  2. 1 Full Length / Full Body Shot
  3. 1 Medium Length

Other information in the email should include:

  1. Legal Name
  2. Actual Age
  3. Current City and State
  4. Top Size
  5. Height
  6. Weight
  7. Pant Size
  8. Current Hair Color
  9. Shoe Size
  10. Car Make / Model / Year / Color
  11. Phone Number
  12. Email Address

You should send the email only if you are serious about this opportunity, and are available on the specific date. This may be your chance to get the recognition you want, and take your career in the right direction.

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