This is a casting call for the upcoming Broadway Theater musical ‘Miss Saigon’. The company behind this musical is the Cameron Mackintosh. It is being directed by none other than Stephen Brooker, a well known figure of the industry. Tara Rubin is casting for this Broadway musical while the music and the lyrics have been done by Claude-Michel Schonberg and Alain Boubill respectively. Richard Maltby has also been writing the lyrics for this musical alongside Alain.

This musical is based on the time of American evacuation form Saigon in 1975. In the final days of the evacuation, a young Vietnamese girl named Kim falls in love with Chris who is an American G.I. The story is about the struggle of their love while the world around them falls apart.

The Engineer

The applicants for this role must be physically fit and of a non-Caucasian decent. The voice of the applicants should be powerful enough to hit a high baritone.

Age: 18+


She is a Vietnamese girl who is just about to turn eighteen. Kim is too innocent and vulnerable as she finds herself in the middle of a war. Applicants for this role must have a strong voice which should be able to touch up to E, and fall low to G.

Age: 17-18


Chris is a young good looking guy in American Marine. Applicants for this role must possess a perfect rock tenor voice that tops B in falsetto and also sings up to G.

Age: 19-23


Ellen is Chris’s wife. She is American and belongs to a middle class family. Applicants for this role must have a voice that touches E and G.

Age: 20-25


John is in American Marine. Applicants must not be of a Caucasian decent and should be able to sing top B flat.

Age: 20-40


Thuy is a self obsessed Vietnamese who only cares about his own greed. He is promised Kim’s hand by a bond adhered by his parents. Thuy is the kind of a guy who believes in life in his own weird way. He has no regard for other, even for Kim who is haunted by the feat Thuy has instilled in her. Applicants for the role of Thuy should be able to reach a top B flat voice.

Age: 20-30

  • This is an Equity Principle Audition
  • Rehearsals for this musical will begin from winter 2017 in New York City
  • The show opens on Broadway New York City in Spring 2017
  • Selected performers will be paid $1917 per week
  • Selected performers will be required to sign an Equity Production (League) Contract

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