Title: Casting Call for Short Film In Atlanta GA
Date: 2018-01-10 20:07:10

Casting Call for Short Film In Atlanta GA

Vid T Yo! Artist and Angel Project Films are casting for a new short film called “Ocean by Sight”

“Ocean by Sight” is a short film that follows the journey of Theia who wants to travel to see the ocean before, a disease she has, causes her to go blind.

Please send all submission to Angelprojectfilms@gmail.com


Theia – (18-21, Any Race, Female) Theia is an average girl who has a condition that is causing her to go blind. She is someone who is slowly learning to accept her condition and live a fulfilling life.

Lucy – (26-35, Any Race, Female) – She is Theia’s older sister.
She is the only family that Theia has and is very protective of her.
She is a very positive person and always believes that something will work out.

Raine – (25-35, Asian or Latino/Hispanic, Female) she is a doctor that believes in natural remedies over more modern ways. She is a bit of a scatterbrain and tends to go off topic when she is talking with anyone.

Kailey – (18-21, Any Race, Female) She is the best friend of Theia.
She is an outspoken person which usually gets her into trouble.

If you’re interested in auditioning for this project please submit your headshot, resume, and Reel(If you have one) to Angelprojectfilms@gmail.com With the subject line “OBS18 (The Role you’re auditioning for)”

Filming is looking to take place in Late January, Early February 2018 in the Atlanta Georgia area.

This is an unpaid project


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