Title: Casting Call for UNCSA Student Film Winston Salem, NC
Date: 2017-11-29 00:51:34

Casting Call for UNCSA Student Film

Casting Call Notice:

Shooting will take place January 20-22nd in Winston-Salem, NC Unpaid but actors will receive IMDB credit and a copy of the film Must provide own transportation **if traveling from a far distance, we may be able to provide a

Mel (12-14)
Brown Hair, Caucasian or Mixed Ethnicity

Mel is a witty, sarcastic-yet-charming 12 year old hero. She is curious about her father who she rarely spends time with. She wants to be treated like an adult, even though she doesn’t know what that means yet.

Brian (5-9)
Caucasian or Mixed Ethnicity

Playful and carefree.
Brian is the lovable, yet naive little brother of our main character.
He is very lively and sometimes silly. His Dad is his hero, even though he rarely sees him.

Cole (32-35)
Caucasian with a Southern accent

Charming and witty. Cole is the smooth talking southern father of Mel and Brian. He’s 33 years old and divorced. He’s facing extremely hard times and is known for making bold and impulsive decisions that often get him in trouble.

We are doing an in-person casting call and Skype casting calls. Please sign up for a slot by clicking the link below.

Note in the comments if you plan on doing a Skype call.


A couple sides are attached for you to look on based on the character you are auditioning for.





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