Title: Casting Call for Wilmington, NC Short “Mr. Postman”
Date: 2018-01-10 21:26:54

Casting Call for Wilmington, NC Short “Mr. Postman”

We are looking for the following roles for the film “Mr. Postman” to be filmed in Wilmington, NC March 7th – 11th.

Mr. Postman is the story of a town trapped in the year 1945 and the two postmen, Earl and Charley, who want to save it.



-Earl (45-65): A Career Postman looking for a way out. He’s astute, honest, and lonely. He takes Charley under his wing.

-Charley (16-24): The Post Office’s newest recruit. He’s amiable, eager, and green. He aims to impress Earl.
-Barbara (35-55): The Postmaster of the town. She’s candid, diligent, and gallant. She wants to solve problems as she can.

-Richard (50-70): The Milk Master of the town. He’s cold, self-righteous, and has the town wrapped around his finger.

He wants to keep the town in the 1940’s to save his milk delivery business.


-Linda (25-45): The freshly fired school teacher who tried to sneak in modern technology.

-The Editor (45-70): The Editor of the town’s newspaper and propaganda machine.

-Mrs. Cooper (30-45): A resident of the town who wants out.

-Mr. Cooper (30-45): Mrs. Cooper’s husband who favors the town.

-Timmy (8-14): The newspaper delivery boy.

(Must be able to ride a bike)

Feel free to reach out to us at mrpostmanfilm@gmail.com with any questions about the characters, film, or etc.

Auditions will be held in Wilmington, NC on January 20th and 21st.
Please contact us at MrPostmanFilm@Gmail.com Video Auditions Available upon Request.

*Due to the small scale of this project we will not be able to compensate cast or crew. However, we are committed to providing a professional environment to our entire production team.


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