About The Series

‘Why Don’t You Like Me?’ is a small budget short film series filming in Chicago, Illinois. Auditions are going to be held for several different characters detailed below.

The story revolves around an eccentric city girl that moves to a new city and has a chance to meet new people similar to her.  This series is dramatic, realistic, and captivating, and requires a long list of actors for roles.

The Auditions For ‘Why Don’t You Like Me?’

The auditions for the short web series ‘Why Don’t You Like Me?’ would be held on Saturday March 19th 2016, at 12:00 to 04:00 pm. If you live in Chicago and have a flare for acting, this might just be your chance.

The applicants should submit your details to by the 15th of March 2016.

All the actors will be paid.

The filming will take place April 02nd 2016 to May 07th 2016.

The Roles

Following is the list of characters for which the auditions would be conducted:

For the character of Emily

Emily is the main character. She is a 25 year old that has recently moved to a new city. Emily is working as an assistant at a publishing house and she welcomes to new opportunity to switch cities with her company.  She always tries to look on the bright side even during tough times.

For the character of Nikki

Nikki is a main character played by a female of any ethnicity.  The actor should be around 25 years old.  She is bold and very open about her life.  She is also artistic, but she is a writer that doesn’t ever share her work with other people.  She is a very poised person ready for whatever comes her way.

For the character of Amethyst

This is a supporting character open to females of any ethnicity. Amethyst is a 28 year old artist.  She is a very judgmental person because she automatically assumes that she is more creative or intuitive than you.  She is difficult to live with, but deep down she is a good person.

For the character of Charlotte

Charlotte is a supporting character that can be any ethnicity, and around 28 years old.  She is a very bubbly person and always makes other people happy.  She is full of ideas and dreams, but she adheres to the rules.

If you feel like you have what it takes to fill one of these roles then apply now for auditions.  The shortlisted candidates will be contacted and briefed about the various details pertaining to the characters and the venue etc.

If you have the youthful look that could go with any of the characters, then do not wait to apply. Apply for the auditions by March 15th 2016.

Fill out the submission form below to get more auditions.


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