The Exorcist is soon coming to television. FOX TV network got the franchise and ordered the first season for the show. Now, the casting directors — 4 Star Casting are on the lookout for a handful of paid background talent to appear in the series. The upcoming episodes will be filming in Chicago this week so the locals are encouraged to apply.

The show is said to be released in the fall — on 23rd September to be precise. Exactly like the decades old classical horror film, the Exorcist, the TV series is also based upon the novel written by William Blatty. The show is bout priests fighting evil demons and attempt to vanquish those spirits who take the possession of other humans.

Papal Emissary

  • Males belonging to any ethnicity aged 40-70 years are required.
  • The candidates should have an international appearance.
  • Mention “PAPAL EMISSARY” in the subject line.
  • The filming will be done on August 20th.
  • The Pay rate for this role is 84/8 hours.
  • All the interested candidates are required to drop an email to stating their availability

Young Executives for Emissary Assistants

  • Non-union male candidates belonging to any ethnicity aged 21-35 years of age are required for the upcoming episode.
  • These actors may be required for future episodes again.
  • All the interested candidates are required to drop an email to stating their availability.
  • The subject line should be titled as “EMISSARY ASSISTANT”.
  • The Pay rate for this role is 84/8 hours.

Vatican Security

  • Males belonging to any ethnicity aged 35 – 50 years are required
  • The applicants must be physically fit having an intimidating personality.

The interested candidates must follow these guidelines for all of the aforementioned roles:

  • Mention the following in the body of the email:
    • Complete Name
    • Age
    • Weight and height
    • Contact Number
    • Zip Code
    • Email Address
  • Include two latest candid images
    • Full length and shoulder ups
    • Face should be visible properly
    • Images must be in JPEG format
    • Name the image with your name
    • Photo quality must be great which will increase your chances of being cast


  • An Asian female aged 30s till 40s is required to play the role of a nurse.
  • The pay rate is $84/8
  • The selected individual will be required for other upcoming episode (episode 104 details of which are TBD). The selected applicant may also be required for more episodes in the future
  • The candidate should have a flexible schedule as the one selected will have to appear on other episodes as well all through the season
  • Since this is a featured role, the applicants should have an acting resume if they wish to appear on the show
  • All the interested candidates are requested to send an email at

Please also include the following details in the submission:

  • Title the subject line as “NURSE EP. 103/104
  • In the body of the email mention:

Fill out the submission form below to get more auditions.


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