We’re looking for charismatic, outgoing people to participate in an innovative new project for a major cable network.

We are casting people who are facing a MAJOR decision that will change their lives: wanting to start a family, facing divorce, considering plastic surgery or moving to a new country, as some examples! To apply, send an email with your name, age, brief description of yourself and the choice you’re currently facing, some photos and contact information.

On the Fence

We are looking for outspoken, charismatic people who are on the fence about a major decision they’re facing in their lives. Do you want to start a family but your partner doesn’t want kids? Are you thinking of getting plastic surgery to turn over a new leaf in life? Do you think you should pack up everything and move to a foreign country? Are you going through a divorce or separation and trying to figure out how to coparent your kids?

We want to hear from you!

Any gender, aged 21 to 55 from United States

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