Are you a One Direction fanatic? Do you love Harry Styles? Do you want to work side by side with him? If you answered yes then we have a casting call that is perfect for you. Casting directors for the upcoming war epic Dunkirk have announced that they are looking for extras for the movie. The call is for hundreds of young girls who will get the chance to work with Harry Styles on set in the UK.

The movie will start filming next month in Swanage and Weymouth and the casting directors are also in search of men and women who look like people that lived during the Second World War. Age is not a factor but men will need to have their hair cut short to depict a ‘40s style hairdo. France is the main destination for the time being.

The movie Dunkirk revolves around the incidents surrounding allied British, French soldiers along with soldiers from Belgium that were cornered by the German army during World War II. The movie will showcase their miraculous evacuation during one of the fiercest battles in world history to date. Besides Styles, Dunkirk also has some other notable cast members which include Harry Styles, Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy and Kenneth Branagh.

The movie will be directed by Christopher Nolan and will be an action thriller produced by Warner Bros in Dunkirk, France which was the actual site of the evacuation itself. The movie is going to explore the rescue which saw a British fleet comprising of 800 boats which managed to rescue more than 300,000 soldiers right under the noses of the German army. To put the importance of this event into perspective consider the fact that at the end of it British Prime Minister Winston Churchill gave his famous ‘we will never surrender’ speech and followed up on it.

The movie is set to release next year on the 21st of July. The rest of the cast will include other prominent actors such as Jack Lowden, Barry Keoghan and Mark Rylance and will feature a combination of Imax 65mm large format film for theatre goers. So if you are looking for your next acting job or want to see Harry Styles in person or are a World War II fan then this casting call is for you.

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