The student film revolves around the strange story of two young men. Claude and Irwin are the ones in need, in desperate need of help to combat the weird monsters taking over them. They have hallucinations and those are similar. They have been experience sleep paralysis and that would take them to places they did not know existed. These encounters are not pleasant at all and the coincidence that both of them are experiencing exactly the same thing makes them wonder if there are some deadly forces working behind this. They have been reaching to a dark point of life which seems to have no end, and experiencing it during their sleep paralysis would make them wonder about the purpose behind this and they also would seek solution, at any cost!

Following are the roles the casting directors of the student film project, are searching actors for:

  1. For the role of Claude

  • For the role of Claude, a male actor is required
  • It is a lead role
  • The applicant should be in early 20’s to early 30’s
  • This is a role of a stable and financially strong young man who has a comfortable life
  • He would see himself as an inspiration for many and a hero, a good example in many areas (where there wouldn’t be much need, but still)
  • The character would be reserved and focused mainly on his work and his life
  1. For the role of Irwin

  • For the role of Irwin (which is also one of the lead roles), a Male actor is required
  • The actor should be in his early 20’s to 30’s
  • This is the role of a social worker
  • His life isn’t comp0licated much but he has been cracking under the massive pressure breaking his spirit and his physical abilities to work at his best
  • He would be going through the same, the sleep paralysis and the dark hallucinations which would greatly disturb him
  • He would cling to Claude for reassurance that he is not alone in the state of misery
  1. For the role of Howard

  • This is the role of a doctor
  • A male actor is required for the role
  • The age of the applicant must be between late 30’s to early 40’s
  • Doctor Howard would desperately try to cure the two young men and would pool in all of his knowledge and research in this eccentric case of hallucinations and sleep paralysis, only to find this would not be an easy one
  1. For the role of Alexei

  • For the role of Alexie, a male actor is required
  • The applicant must be in his early 30’s
  • This is an eccentric role in itself
  • Alexie is the emaciated patient of Dr. Howard
  • He has seen exactly what Claude and Irwin would see and it is not known if that would aid them in any way or just add to their misery
  • Interested candidates may email to:
  • The location of call would be South Loop, Chicago, Illinois
  • Only the locals of Chicago may apply for the given roles
  • The last date for applying is May 06th 2016 (Friday)
  • The characters won’t be paid, but would be given due credits in the film
  • Auditions would take place on May 07th 2016 (Saturday)
  • The shooting schedules is not finalized yet, and according to the availability of the actors, adjustments could be made
  • Submit your basic information in the email, your name, date of birth, contact number, location & name of the role applying for
  • Also attach your clear photographs

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