Performance Type: Stand-in

Required: Jason Bateman stand-in

Date: TBD

Location: Missouri, Chicago

Email/Website: extras4ozark@gmail.com

Do you look like Jason Bateman? Do you feel such resemblance in the mirror? Are you known as the doppelganger of Jason Bateman? Great! Here is a job for you.

The directors of Ozark, a Netflix production, are looking for the look-alike of Jason Bateman. The directors require a male stand-in having great resemblance with Jason Bateman. You must have a similar haircut and you should be able to drive. License holders will be preferred.

About Netflix’s Ozark

Jason Bateman is the executive producer and director of Netflix’s Ozark. The sensational director is also acting in the drama series, which has reached unique twists and turns. The drama is now filming drug and money laundering scenes, which are full of action and sizzling stunts. The drama is set and filmed at the Lake of Ozarks in Missouri. It takes its name from the destination.

Jason Bateman is working alongside Bill Dubuque, popular for The Judge. Jason had worked in the Arrested Development TV series and earned a second Emmy award for this performance. Ozark is the second major TV presentation by Jason after Arrested Development.


The casting directors require non-union male stand-ins for the series. The scenes will be filmed at the Lake of Ozark, however, the exact date and location of shooting will be revealed to the selected candidates only.

  • Required Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Required Gender: Male
  • Required Height: 5’10–6’0
  • Required Weight: 185–195 lbs
  • Hair Color: Brown

Please apply only if you fit the descriptions.

Requirement for Photographs

This casting notice is for stand-ins therefore, make sure to follow the instructions for photographs carefully.

  1. We need at least one full-frame photograph. Make sure to wear full dress and formal shoes. Keep your face upright and look a little above the camera lens so that we can see the color of your eyes. Do not smile in this photograph.
  2. In the second picture, capture a full-face close-up with a broad smile on your face. A decent smile without visible teeth will be appreciated.
  3. Capture third photo from the back. We need to see the close-up of the back of your head. Make sure to keep the face upright while someone else will capture your photo.
  4. Finally, capture the side pose. Tilt your face a little downward. Make sure that your ears are visible in this one.

For submission, follow the given instructions.

  • Mention JASON PHOTO DOUBLE in the subject line.
  • Rename your photographs with your FULL NAME and save them in JPEG format.
  • Mention your full name, age, height, weight, sleeve, collar, neck, shoulder, inseam, and shoe size in the email.
  • Confirm your ethnicity and hair color.
  • Confirm that you have a driving license.
  • Submit to extras4ozark@gmail.com.

All the candidates must be prepared to get a haircut, if needed. The professional hairstylist of Ozark will give you a haircut and style your hair.

Please wait after the submission for the call.

Fill out the submission form below to get more auditions.


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