Title: CDC Extras Savannah A few more specifics for the new series “Living The Dream” Savannah, GA
Date: 11 April 2017 3:20 pm

CDC Extras Savannah

Hey guys! A few more specifics on photos I’m showing the director tomorrow for the new series, LIVING THE DREAM.

As always, this shoots in Savannah. Unless you work with me regularly, please do not submit if you live more than 2 hours away.

Everything listed below will require a fitting in advance.

I’ll have more specific dates for you guys next week, but this is what I’m specifically looking for right now.
The entire series will all shoot in Savannah unless otherwise noted:


(This works Monday, April 24. Please send photo of you in your uniform.

The scene takes place inside an American Embassy.) (Subject: Real Marine In Uniform)

2) REAL SWING DANCERS (This shoots on Tybee Island – this is a NIGHT SHOOT – Friday, April 28). Send photos and a list of your experience as a Swing Dancer.

3) A REAL SWING BAND (This shoots on Tybee Island – this is a NIGHT SHOOT – Friday, April 28)

4) MRS. APTER’S GRANDCHILDREN (This might shoot in Richmond Hill… location TBD) – BLACK GIRLS ages 6-8 years old. (Please include height and weight in submission).

Please note, these girls work multiple days: 5/16, 5/22, 5/23 – please be aware if there are school issues.)

5) CORE TRAILER PARK (This might shoot in Richmond Hill… Location TBD) – All ethnicities over 18 years old. We have ten core members of our Trailer Park that will work consistently for about (5) FIVE weeks.

MUST HAVE OPEN AVAIL Beginning on or about 5/16)

6) FLIGHT ATTENDANTS (Shoots in Savannah 5/9) – beautiful women who look like they stepped off a magazine cover – dress size 2/4.

7) ALICA’S FRIENDS (Shoots 5/9) – picture “The Real Housewives of Savannah.” Junior League. Beautiful. 30-40. All ethnicities.

8) HISPANIC BOYS (Dates TBD) – 18 years or older playing high school age.

9) CAR HOP WAITRESS (Dates TBD) – 18-25 year old girl who can roller skate. (Include all wardrobe sizes).

10) STAND-INS (begin work 4/24 until end of June) EXPERIENCED stand-ins with open avail. Please do not submit if you have any conflict dates.

Please submit three photos including a full length photo with height and weight and all clothes sizes. Also list shows with stand-in experience. Rate is $140/12.

When submitting, please put the role in the subject line for the submission.

Rate is $64/8

(Please hold off on anything not listed above until next week!)

Email 2 recent photos to: CDCExtrasCasting@gmail.com

1) Name
2) Email
3) Phone
5) City You Currently Live In


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