Title: CDC Extras Savannah New project starting soon! Savannah, GA
Date: 2018-01-12 23:56:20

CDC Extras Savannah

New project starting soon!

I will be casting the background on the feature film BACKTRACE, which will begin filming on Jan 29 in Savannah. There are not a lot of BG in the film, but there are very specific types of people. Please feel free to begin submitting. I will have more details next week.

All ethnicities – men and women – ages 17 and older only.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are an experienced EMT/ Nurse/ Doctor / Paramedic or experience in the military/ police force. Please list that in your subject line.

If you are not any of the above – please put BACKTRACE (male) or (female) in your subject line.

When you submit, please include the following information. (Please note, the wardrobe sizes are VERY IMPORTANT – because of uniforms. Please don’t skip over them.)


1) Name
2) Phone
3) City You Currently Live in
4) Color/ Make/ Model/ Year of your Car
5) All clothes sizes: Shirt/ Pants/ Coat/ Shoes (men) Dress/ Measurements/ Shoes (ladies)
6) Height and Weight

Please include three recent photographs that are clear – only you in the photo – no sunglasses or hats.


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