Title: CDC Extras Savannah RUSH! High School foot Ball Players, Trombone, Violin Players, Parent Types Savannah, GA
Date: 10 May 2017 2:24 pm

CDC Extras Savannah

Please read this entire message as I will update it throughout the day of needs.

We had 16 “teens” (17 or older playing high school) cancel or not show up this morning.

That’s not acceptable.

If you submit, be prepared to take the job. If you confirm, show up. It’s very simple.

I’m doing rush replacements for them right now.



–17 or older looking high school who owns and can play a trombone.

–17 or older looking high school who owns and can play a violin.

–Parent and a teacher types.



NEW FACES (having not worked LIVING THE DREAM) to play campers (Subject: New Face in Camp)


Core Trailer Park – beginning Monday we go into the trailer park and I’m looking for some females with open avail over 5 weeks.

(Subject: Core Trailer Park)

MUST BE AT LEAST 17 years old

(Please do not submit if you are 16 or younger.) And must have a social security number.

Assume (as any show) it works all day. ALL DAY MEANS ALL DAY.

Do not make any plans.

Do not submit if you are not available all day.

All day could mean 6 AM. It could mean noon.

We never get times until the day before, but we have a good idea if it will shoot past midnight and it is noted below.

Do not submit on any day you are not available ALL DAY LONG.

Rate is $64/8.

Email two recent pics to CDCExtrasCasting@gmail.com

1) Name
2) Email
3) Phone
5) City You Currently Live In (Please do not submit if you live more than 2 hours away, unless you work regularly in Savannah.)


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