Title: CDC Extras Savannah, Update on LIZZIE: Savannah, GA
Date: 30 October 2016 | 6:23 pm


CDC Extras Savannah

Update on LIZZIE:
1) When submitting photos, I must see your entire face. Clearly. No hats. No sunglasses. Not blurry. Not you in a group photo. Your face.
2) Continuing to seek men with beards and mustaches and women with shoulder length hair or longer. (No unnatural hair colors or contemporary hair styles.)
3) The rate will be $115/12. (That’s $115 based on a 12 hour day, overtime after 12.) No, we don’t provide housing. No, we don’t pay for gas.
4) Please be sure you list the city you live in. If you don’t, I delete the photo.
5) VERY important – you must list your clothes sizes. This is a period show. Everyone will be required to do a wardrobe fitting days in advance. You MUST attend a wardrobe fitting. If you can not, please do not submit.
If you have not submitted already, please do. But only submit once. For general BG, the subject line is LIZZIE.
Production will begin filming mid-November in Savannah and wrap in mid-December. MUST BE WILLING TO WORK AS A LOCAL IN SAVANNAH, GA.
To apply, please email three recent photographs with the following information to CDCExtrasCasting@gmail.com
1) Name
2) Email
3) Phone Numbers
4) City You Currently Live In
5) All clothing sizes including height, weight, coat and waist sizes.


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