Our film production team is planing to shoot no budget short film in 1st and 2nd week in April.
One character in the script is playing a cello and he needs to play it in one scene.
We are looking for a cello player, who is willing to prepare the actor for that scene and show him how to hold a body posture when playing and help him get familiar with the instrument. ‘The cello scene’ is going to be filmed on the second week in April and we are after the the cello player who can be on the set with the cello, while filming that scene. If you are a composer, we would love to have your original music in the short film. In post-production we can organise recording & filming you play one composition from the movie.
If you could help, we would be grateful and in return we will promote you as an artist and musician.

Cello Player in one no-budget short film scene

Cello Player required to train the male actor to play the cello in one scene in no budget short film. To be shot in Brisbane.
Your support would include: to have few sessions with the actor, to prepare him for the scene, get him familiar with the cello, in order to look realistic. On the day, it would be great if you could bring your instrument for actor to use in one scene only and you can supervise him and instruct him. Post-prod – recording you play & filming you for your show reel.

Any gender, aged 18 to 50 from Queensland, Australia

  • Cello ability:
    Intermediate – Expert

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