Title: Central Casting Louisiana * AVAILABLITY LIST * Shock and Awe *New Orleans, LA Tuesday 11/8
Date: 8 November 2016 | 12:02 pm


Central Casting Louisiana

*** AVAILABLITY LIST *** Shock and Awe *** New Orleans, LA*** Tuesday 11/8 ***
Tuesday 11/8 – if you are available to work and want to be included on our availability list in the case of cancellations, please submit.
Staffers/Politicians – Male and Female, 20s-50s Washington D.C. business types, any ethnicity, 18 years old or older.
IN ORDER TO BE CONSIDERED, please submit current photo(s) of yourself, your name, and phone number and email to: availNOLA@centralcasting.com with “11/8” in the subject line.
***You should not have any conflicts whatsoever when you submit such as location, call time, or transportation issues. We may call people overnight or early in the morning if we have cancellations and we pull from the availability list first. The nightly “avail” is for the NEXT BUSINESS DAY ONLY.
*** Submitting to this list does not guarantee work. We will utilize this list daily as needed for replacements on our projects. Please be sure to submit each night only if you are available for work the next business day.


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