Mandi Lynn is a Master Photographer Based in Wellington New Zealand. For the past two years she has been working on a body of work called Block and Flow which is all about what happens when your Chakras are energetically deficient, excessive, or in balance.

She is looking for characters to help create one of the images that she has envisioned.
This image is dealing specifically with the Sacral Chakra – the one that processes your senses. When it is excessive people tend to numb out and turn to addictions. This image is exploring addictions and was inspired by the last line of the poem by DH Lawrence at the end of this post.
What she needs is people acting out various forms of addictions. Things that are used to check out of life. To check out of being present in this very real moment.
These scenes will be acted out in small tableaus around a last supper sort of layout of tables.

Date of the Shoot: Saturday 30 April at Noon at Expressions Art Museum in Upper Hutt
Auditions will be held from what you send online. There will be no separate auditions prior to the shoot.


They call all experience of the senses mystic, when the experience is considered.
So an apple becomes mystic when I taste in it
the summer and the snows, the wild welter of earth
and the insistence of the sun.
All of which things I can surely taste in a good apple.
Though some apples taste preponderantly of water, wet and sour
and some of too much sun, brackish sweet
like lagoon-water, that has been too much sunned.
If I say I taste these things in an apple, I am called mystic, which means a liar.
The only way to eat an apple is to hog it down like a pig
and taste nothing
that is real.
But if I eat an apple, I like to eat it with all my senses awake.
Hogging it down like a pig I call the feeding of corpses.
D. H. (David Herbert) Lawrence. Complete Poems. New York: Viking Press (1964).


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