I am shooting a film at York University and in need of a child actor asap. The shoot will take place on Sunday the 21st and will be near York University itself.

The film is called ‘Future Docs’. This mockumentary style short follows the story of Jeremy Smith, a second year University student who woke up one morning to find a strange documentary crew led by eccentric director, Hamish Maxwell, at his door. They offer to pay him an obscene amount of money to do nothing more than record his morning. The only explanation they impart is a business card which states, “Future Docs – Documenting Our Future”. Like any starving student presented with free money, Jeremy accepts their offer, having no idea what future he’s walking into…

Please have at least one parent or guardian attend the shoot as well

All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


Outside a convenience store, the Kid is being filmed by his friend while trying to attempt a skateboard trick. After failing to perform the skill, the pair notice a guy (Jeremy) in the background breaking up a fight. But then a cop comes along in to the scene and what happened to be a normal day turned disastrous.

Males, aged 10 to 16 from Ontario, Canada

  • Minimum Acting experience:
    No previous acting experience
  • Accents:

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