This is a short fashion (dance) film aimed at being entered in the La Jolla fashion film festival for the BIG SCREEN. This is a high profile festival which can help you gain attention within the industry with the possibility of awards for best actor/actress for grabs if nominated. It is attended by many A-list actors.

Set in a dark and lonely place, the film is about a detective investigating a stolen piece of Jewellery from a Bank. This piece of jewellery is rare and belongs to prominent business man.

The detective then chases a lead to which appears to be a mysterious woman (femme fatale).

We see him spying on her as he follows her.
*He approaches her in a bar and they dance. This is the main big cinematic dance scene which takes the main bulk of the film. This is where a choreographer is required.

He then knocks on her hotel door ready to arrest her but she seduces him, ties him to the bed and makes a run.

We then see the woman in a cab on her way to the airport.
This is a fallen world where goodness is rare as natural daylight.

Travel costs will be covered and you’ll get a copy of the fil

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