Title: Co-Prducer for new Fantasy / Sci Fi Web Series

I’m currently working on this idea I’ve had for the best part of 2 years now. I’ve got scripts for 6 episodes that I’m currently polishing and fleshing out and I’m now beginning to send out feelers, if you like, seeking a London based Co-Producer that has a love for all things Fantasy /Sci-Fi / Comics etc.

The idea is based around our two heroes, who are a part of this ‘Organisation’ of socially awkward humans, who aren’t able to get along in the world you and I inhabit so have created this fictional one, where Super heroes, Villains, Mafia bosses, vampires, robed monks with swords of light 😉 and time travelling professors… the lot, exist.

It’s really exciting and quite funny, with a HUGE target audience. The plan would be to advertise and build up that audience, stick it on youtube and hopefully make some cash out of it.

We currently have no budget in place and would need to crowd source, or if that fails I’ll be putting in a hell of a lot of hours myself to fund this project. Therefore I can only offer at this time a Profit Share contract. However, who knows… maybe during crowd funding we exceed our expectations and everybody gets paid. Happy days!!!

If this sounds like a challenge you’d like to take on with me, please apply today.

What happens when you become the Character you Cosplay?

Join Ned (Norgara) and Phil (Lilithien) two socially awkward outsiders who believe they ARE the characters from their favourite fantasy novels, as they stand side by side to control the Resistance Outpost, a regular Village to everyone else. They must defend it against the rising forces of evil, helped by their local Comic Book Store owner Fenton.

All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

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