I am looking for people who want to work on strange and critical films. Strange, as in surreal, absurd, nonsensical comedy/drama (Jarmusch, Micallef, Peep Show, Fear and Loathing) and critical of society (with flourishes of the critical tradition, art history, philosophical ideas, etc). I have some ideas, which are practical to make but am struggling to find ‘my people’ as it were. I suspected they were abundant in the filmmaking world but the search has proved trying. I don’t mean high art complex filmmaking, but strange, kinky, playful fabulation. Not the suffering and violence, and reactionary thinking so popular. So, if you feel an inkling of rapport in your intuitive parts get in touch.
Perhaps you saw ‘Fallen Angels’ and wondered why they don’t make films like that, or liked ‘The thick of it’, read your Wodehouse, thought Godard was doing great stuff with mad Pierre – you get the picture. I have scant technical skills, loathe hard work and sacrifice, and yet feel there is a place for a sensibility like mine. But with a team, not the one man band way.
So, get in touch if you feel we might be able to work together.

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