Looking for talented people to help compile a script in the style of humour reminiscent of “The Goodies” and “The Mighty Boosh” and wordplay.
The challenge, the script must involve gags which require no props for the feature and no special effects.

Unpaid but all contributing writers will be listed in the credits.

ALL APPLICANTS considered whether if you answer only one, two, three or all four application questions, but at least one is required.

The short film is about a Father and his three sons trying to film a music video.

Below are the gags which are involved in the feature and we need ideas for:-
-The eldest of his sons narrates the story to the camera. He’s constantly feeling down because the girls ignore him all except for one, but unfortunately, she loses interest in him and falls in love with his father.
-His second son is disliked by female fans and he’s a nuisance and thinks it is funny.
-The youngest son is the heart throb all the girls like but is ironically the only one who is in a relationship and his tough girlfriend keeps chasing female fans away (usually with an axe, a purse loaded with gravel, a branch of a tree etc…)
-A delusional gold digger (who thinks she knows everything and is not in touch with reality) also tries to pick up the father of the band members in the belief that he’s rich because he’s a former metal star.
-The eldest daughter is constantly keeping watch on both woman so that they can keep away from her father (with her camera phone, a camcorder, binoculars, small telescope etc…)
-The younger daughter actually thinks that it is funny that those two girls are after her father and secretly does everything to stop her sister from keeping them away from him.
-There are many female fans of the youngest son. Some are in the music video but some are not. The ones who are not in the music video constantly fall victim to safety protocols which they are unaware of. Those happen when they try to sneak in to get closer to the object of their desire. Those who don’t fall victim to safety protocols get chased away from his angry girlfriend which she chases them with something dangerous.


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