Junior Concept Artist – Voluntary job

About us
A new London-based Design Company is working on pilot editions for a TV series and a feature film and two series of comics – one is a Children fantasy series like Thundercats or Dungeons and Dragons. We require artists to produce original, imaginative and high spec backgrounds for the panels. This is an unpaid voluntary project but you will be credited online inc in the publication. If these pilots gain attention and we manage to secure a long-term contract you will be invited to join our company on a permanent basis and you will get paid. Everything depends on the quality and appeal of this first pilot edition. If you are into fantasy art and express a great sense of imagination and talent for 2D design work then you will love this.

We’re looking for someone who can demonstrate the following;

1. Exceptionally high quality 2D Artwork
2. Able to work in a wide range of styles
3. Able to use non-digital materials just as watercolours, inks and other techniques.
4. Can create dynamic, high quality background illustrations for different mediums just as computer wallpaper.
5. Able to rapidly produces sketches to illustrate concepts & ideas
6. Comfortable working closely with a creative team
7. Adaptable and can quickly pick-up new skills and ways of working
8. Bursting with passion for the interactive comic industry.
9. We want someone who wants to make an impact on the interactive comic industry with his or her artwork.

Technical skills
1. Some digital skills for example scanning in the drawings and sending to Google drive or e-mail

All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

The owner of this listing has agreed to abide by the UK National Minimum Wage Act. Find out more


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