Title: Conyers, GA REAL Nurses and PARAMEDICS needed.
Date: 2017-11-15 19:16:38

Central Casting Georgia

*The Resident*

Work: Thursday 11/16

Location: Conyers, GA

Rate: $175 for 12 hours

REAL Nurses and PARAMEDICS needed.

Brandi is working on the show THE RESIDENT, working tomorrow Thursday Nov. 16th in Conyers GA. They are filming an ER scene, and need people with REAL LIFE Nurse and Paramedic experience. The pay is a higher rate for having REAL skills and training, so please ONLY submit if you are an actual licensed Nurse or EMT/Paramedic and you have actual work experience in that field.

It will be discovered on set if you do not have the real skills, so please be honest with your credentials when you submit.

If you are a REAL Nurse or EMT and available tomorrow, and have not worked recently on THE RESIDENT, please send an e-mail with a current photo and contact info and a brief description of your skills and credentials

to resident@centralcasting.com.

Please put “REAL NURSE” or “REAL EMT” in the subject line.

Thank you. -Brandi


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