2 maybe 3 actors needed to play cops to replace Leigh, Kyle and me (Deputy Shane Marcellin) Leigh and Kyle didn’t want to go in an airplane in flight during shooting so inhad to let them go mid production and re-write the script. Shane thought it would b3 cute to sleep in and miss rehearsals and screen tests…Leigh and Kyles characters are only good when they’re around fellow Officers after that all bets are off…Shanes character is rough around the edges, loud mouth, easily pissed off and has no problems putting mouthy children in their place via old school corporal punishment. Episode entitled “DEAD END” is in post production so far feedback on this concept is at 100% if i can maintain the same scores for 2 screenings ill collect the data pitch it to CBC and others and start on my next episode. Concept is a little advanced compared to what’s being aired….i put more emphasis on show concept rather than over producing it to make it seem more interesting than it actually is…email for full details if you’re into high speed pursuits, foot chases, standoffs and shootouts.


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