Needing a Costume designer to collaborate with Director and Production Designer on costumes, to build, adapt, source and help design the pieces.

Must have sowing and fitting skills and a detailed eye for colour, texture and shape and understand and appreciate a bohemian, eclectic aesthetic.

The film has an earthy bohemian style with indigenous fabrics, an old vintage clothing style, and a futuristic modern pastel style, trying to create unique and meaningful pieces.
Film set in the modern day.

Looking for a passionate person not necessarily highly experienced.

15 – 20min Short Film for World Festival Circuit
Shooting June / July Weekends
Unpaid Role

“How to Endure the Horror of Existence” –
Stuck in the dissatisfactions and disappointments of his childhood, despondent when faced with the mundane suburban pathways, Thomas finds himself kidnapped by his mentor and therapist in the woods, in need of an invitation to a heroes journey in order to find the will to live.
A tale of the wreckage of the modern crisis of masculinity

We are very excited to work with you on this picture and looking to forward our careers in the film industry with this film

All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


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