Prospero and Tash is the story of a young precautions planner (Prospero) and a not as young, impulsive thrill-seeker (Tash) who buy an apartment together.

Prospero and Tash is a passion project with a collection of professionals and recent graduates volunteering our time for the shoot.

More info at the link supplied upon application.

Costume Designer/Stylist

We are currently looking for head of costume/stylist with a solid grasp on Melbourne aesthetics and a working knowledge of local labels, op shops, and styles.

We are shooting on weekends staggered through October to November.

Petrol and petty cash provided.

If you would like to be involved or know someone who would be please apply here.

Excited to hear from you!

Any gender, aged 18 to 99 from Victoria, Australia

Apply now


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