We are seeking a reliable and experienced Creative Handyman who can build, create, make and repair our theatre and film sets, props and equipment. The successful person will be required to have their own studio, garage or workshop have their own tools and WORK FROM HOME. They must live within the Sydney Metropolitan Area.

Iconic Performances is a production company that produces many live shows and productions across Australia. As we have recently added additional shows we are seeking additional staff to assist us with the work. Due to the demand of our shows we require a stage hand to transport the equipment to and from show locations across Australia. All travel expenses are paid by Iconic.

To be successful for the position applicants must:

1.Experience in Handyman type/related jobs.
2.Be very creative and be able to think outside the box when creating our creative sets and repairing our props.
3.Have some experience working on productions or with creative building and/or designing of props This is not essential but an advantage.
4.Be honest and reliable.
5.Be able to work with tight schedules and deadlines.
6.Have some experience working in theatre, films, live shows and/or other productions. This is not essential but an advantage.
7.Have their own garage/workshop/studio to work from.
8.Have their own tools.
9.Behave in a professional manner towards the customers, the audience, the director of shows and Company Management.
10.Be punctual and on time.
11.Speak, read and write English fluently.
12.Have or possess the following key attributes / skills: Stamina, Creativity, Enthusiasm, Determination, Perseverance, Imaginative, Adaptability, Working well under pressure, Good spatial awareness, Technical skills

THIS IS PAID WORK. We will pay an hourly rate of $35 – $40 p/hour to the successful person.

You will be responsible for and your duties would be as follows:
1.Build and design all sets for all our productions, theatre shows and films.
2.Repair props that are damaged.
3.Maintenance of all sets and props

*** Must be available to start immediately

All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


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