Creating a multi media platform. Promoting mainly uprising/local/independent artists in Uk mainland as well as international when possible. From the newbies to the legendaries, the aim is to create a hub where people can find these talented and creative professionals. The ones that seek to aim high and have got something that no one else do.

The idea is to have a digital experience that will cover art, music, fashion, digital technology, sports etc… Mainly focusing on the talent. The formats will vary from galleries, videos, to QA and soundtracks. Each talent featured will be linked to their work and their own site, it goes the same for each member that participate. If you’re the shooter, your link to you website and work will be on the same page. If you’re the writer, presenter, camera operator, editor, you will be linked too- of course. Collaboration will take place during agreed hours. This is a collaborative hub, any writers, photographers, dop willing to collaborate will have a say and an input. You are your own boss. This is to help those artist working so hard and are clearly talented but just needs a little boosting in the marketing side of things. Also, the purpose of this is to create an awesome website where you have a network of creative professionals, promoted in the most creative and collaborative thinking.

Time to put those creative goggles on.

Simply, show your interest and a time for further discussion can be scheduled.

All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

The owner of this listing has agreed to abide by the UK National Minimum Wage Act. Find out more

Creative Crew

You must be willing, have an interest in this collaboration, eager for setting up your own freelance or work portfolio. Preferably have your own kit. Most importantly be living in London and be able to have fun, be chilled whilst collaborating.

Any person that does 2 or more collaborative project within this network will have their own archive on the website and then eventually a feature of their own!

Anyone from London, United Kingdom

Apply now


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