Title: Crew Call for horror short film shooting in May Raleigh, NC Area
Date: 2018-03-13 18:03:51

Crew Call for horror short film shooting in May

We are looking for the following crew positions.

1. Cinematographer (Experience needed)

2. Assistant Lighting technician

3. 1st AC

4. Production Assistant

5. Audio technician/boom operator

We are aiming to shoot around the first week of May. We will be shooting in Huntersville, NC and the Lake Norman area.

Snacks/Food provided, IMDB credit, and film festival exposure.

We will have 10 night time scenes and 11 day time scenes.

Looking for experienced and hard working people to bring this amazing project to life.

Cinematographers must have experience and a demo reel for us to look over. If you have your own equipment and are comfortable bringing it on set, please consider!

Please email me at Dahlcarson6@gmail.com

I look forward to hearing from all of you who submit!

Title: VILE
Genre: Horror/Sci-fi
Film synopsis: Years after the war against the invaders and the human race. A man, woman, and child seek to find sanctuary, when they stumble upon a house in the country and don’t realize what dangers are held within the house. Now they must fight to protect their deaf son from the creatures that are coming out of hibernation to feed off of the remaining humans.


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