My name:
Wolfgang Schmidt.
Look lets be honest so many of us hold different titles or make them up as we go.
I’m an Actor by training. A writer by discipline. A producer by desirer. And a director by choice.

I have several of my own films in development, some that are more developed than others. But film production isn’t my strongest area, so it’s hard to keep that ball rolling on your own.

I’m looking for is artists and actors that are genuinely wanting to tell stories. either on the theatre or on film.

But at the moment I want to collaborate on a theatre piece and write some material that explores several characters, exploring different avenues of life, inside a single play.

I do have a couple films in development like I said and if you’re interested I’d love to talk to you about them and see if maybe we can help each other out.

For the theatre, it isn’t going to be big scale, most likely find a venue somewhere that will allow us to perform for free. But I if you’re looking for someone with passion for storytelling then I hope to hear from you.


All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


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