Hey there,

I am a young writer / director / actor who is producing a short film for Tropfest / world wide festivals this coming November.
The film is a dark comedy about a young man who gets walked on a lot in life, and who in turn fantasises about ridiculously gruesome ways to vent his frustrations.
Current shoot dates are planned to be Nov 6/7/8

I have already put most of the crew together including a great DOP and an SFX make-up department who has just finished 10 months working on the new Alien film.

I am now looking for a few final crew members.
The roles aren’t paid, but food will be provided and expenses can be covered if necessary.
All of this is negotiable, so feel free to let me know if you would require payment.
The film is low budget, but will still be achieving a high quality, as I am pulling in a lot of favours after years of being in the industry.

Firstly I need a lighting department.
This doesn’t need to be anything really high end, but you will need to provide your own lights.
Most of the scenes I had imagined natural light will do most of the work, but I want someone there with an eye for detail and the equipment to add mood where necessary.
Probably a one, to two, day commitment

If you happen to know anyone that fits the following please also let them know
-I also am potentially on the look out for an on set SOUND recordist (we have post sound already)
– also potentially looking for someone to help supervise PRODUCTION DESIGN

This film has a really friendly team currently working on it, with some great actors, so will be a rewarding experience for any film school grads out there who want to keep their finger in the pie and produce quality work, without it costing them in time or money.

Send me a message of interest and I will send you the current script



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