We’re looking for someone to create an original sound track for our brand new post – apocalypse feature film. the film is inspired by the Walking Dead, The Road and Last of US. so we’re looking for someone to bring the film alive through music.

The film will be shown at film festivals next year and we’re going to be sending it off to as many as we possibly can.

Film Story: This is a brand new and fantastic new film idea. this story tells the path that Joel and Jade take in order to survive this new world that they have been placed into. the film will take 7 months after the outbreak and Joel and Jade have gained a great relationship (as they met after the outbreak) on their journey they will encounter a terrible group known as the Brotherhood a cannibal group who is set out to hunt Joel and Jade not only that but the dead are also walking around. we are going to a emotional story between two people and showing what must now be done in order to survive the new world.

Release Date and other promotion: we are looking to release the film by the end of the year, hopefully in a special screening for cast, crew and any one else who wants to see it. we will be sending the film of to film festival (around the UK) which most likely be next year, but we’ll try and get it out this year. there will also be a DVD copy that you will get once the project is done with DVD cover and all, we will also let you have a rough copy of the footage so you can use in your show reel as well but again this will be given to you once the project is done and also any poster or promotional images we will send you as well. you will also have this project down as an IMDB credit.

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