Hello to all fellow production creatives!

We are now hiring new additions to the production team of Behind The Screens. From Videography, Boom Operators, Video and Sound editors and of course last but not least Interns and runners.

In hindsight we are a creative network to help passionate individuals into the industry and of course promote them. We shoot live at events of all kinds of media including Fashion, Music, Film and much more, we have a studio chat show and of course behind the screens of many media events. I you have a keen eye for a solid production and know how to speak up – we want to hear from you!

Here is a little bit about the company –

I see a big gap in the industry where we can bring something great to viewer of all backgrounds. I found out the shocking truth about the industry the hard way; in that it is very hard to find a stepping platform or contact that want to selflessly help passionate individuals get a head start in the industry. I am forming a small alliance where creative people in the industry can get paid, give back and create art and have all the needs necessary at hand; for example we can source a producer and writer for an artist, a photographer or MUA for a shoot or even an actor to speak publically. Think of BTS like an industry machine that finds passionate amateur individuals and spits out professionals with an abundance of contacts and a portfolio to start their journey. We also cover behind the screens of the industry, meaning that newcomers in the industry can pick up tips and ask questions on my own learning curves of my journey, but also for people at home to see what actually goes on in preparation to that one minute of art. Also covers interviews e.g. like a chat show.

We are now working with a videographer from MTV so we have a lot to showcase on our launch Including the events and brands we have collaborated with so far including Live Fashion, Candy Atom street wear, Fashion at the Century and of course Britain’s Top Designer 2016.

I am also creative director of editorials so I have a lot up my sleeve that your guys can cover including a diversity catwalk and a show of live editorials aimed at alternative models with a story eg LGBT transgender models and Jack Eyre. We also have coverage from ITV on the event. We also have our second instalment covering the work of Doodle man who we are interviewing this Monday.

The show is launching on February 28th , so have a look out for us on television!

Happy Fashion Week

Let me know your thoughts and drop me an email or call on the number below.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Caolan McClafferty

Founder, Director and Presenter

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