Eating disorders are difficult, if not impossible to be understood by someone on the outside, leaving those on the inside isolated from loved ones. Sufferers turn to their eating disorder for comfort and friendship. Pretty Strong is a short dystopic thriller about two lifelong friends who enroll at a new school, although this is not a conventional school. As one excels the other struggles to come to terms with the fact that graduating does not mean you leave with a diploma, or even leave at all. The end of the film comes with a dramatic twist that will hit home hard to the films audience. The film’s overall message although rather dark, is positive one that recovery is possible if you fight.

All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

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have a deep knowledge of what can be achieved in terms of lighting for each production, in any particular studio or location
be able to interpret lighting plans, including all aspects of the rig, scale drawings of all lamps and their positions, and what lighting gels and circuits to use
have strong team-working skills, both within the lighting department and with other departments involved in the production
have an understanding of all aspects of film production

Anyone from Cardiff, United Kingdom

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