The “Elite Finishing School” of Melbourne for Models & Actors require an assistant for their “Dance & Movement” Workshop.

The Elite Finishing School was designed for aspiring models and actors who wish to break into the professional world. This industry is competitive. It is also intimidating. While there’s nothing that can be done about the first part, the second is very much within our power. We have designed a course of 15 x workshops taught by industry leaders which will fully equip you to market yourself and your image, and to navigate the auditioning process. The biggest battle is knowing what you don’t know. Let us overcome it together.

Our professional facilities include hair and makeup salons, studios for casting, acting, dance, and photography, and commercial gymnasiums

Course Overview

This comprehensive workshop will provide models and aspiring models with the confidence to walk into any casting enviroment that requires a dance or movement element and nail it. Practical tools are needed to succeed in the modelling industry.


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