Title: DANCER wanted for live performance & filming

I’m looking for two dancers to join a team of four for a show, ‘Now and Then’, on the 12th of May.
If you are looking for experience in a professional show and high quality video footage then keep reading!

For my degree show at NCAD I am working towards choreographing a narrated performance that combines many disciplines, such as, dance, acrobatics, recorded audio, and inventive costume design. Currently we are a group of four with various backgrounds in gymnastics, performance, art, and dance.

The Textiles Department in the National College of Art and Design will be holding this event which celebrates the last 22 years of the course. It will showcase the work of 30 graduating students and 12 alumni from the course. The narrative of my project will play on the system established at the Textiles Fashion Show; the models, catwalk, audience etc. Not only will it play with and deconstruct the repetitious ritual of walking up and down the catwalk, I also play with the idea of placing the audience in the frame of the story.

This is not a funded gig, but i promise it will be a great experience and a very successful show. I can pay for food, travel costs and a small gestural fee as well as providing you with excellent video and photo documentation.

Date that you should be available for:

Thursday 21st, 28th of April, 5th of May: Rehersal from 6.30- 9
Sunday 24th of April: Filming 11am
Thursday 12th of May: Day of the Show! Morning rehearsal, 3pm show & 7pm show


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