We are looking for dancers who can teach dance at our 20 private schools in China. We have most beautiful cities available for you to go, which are Hainan, Chengdu, Xiamen, Kunming, Guiyang and 11+ cities. You will not only teach several classes but also work with other dancers for program promotion.

Therefore your tasks will be:
– Help students cultivate physical, linguistic, communicational and social skills so that the students are more confident in overcoming the difficulties in their life.
– Help students have a cheerful confident attitude and sense of identity to towards the new challenges.
– Improve the students creative ability for a new performance by using your skills and knowledge.

Working conditions and environment:
– 22 hours of teaching and 8 hours of additional work ( giving demo lessons to new students and helping school with program promotion)
– At least 1000 euros monthly salary
– Up to 1000 euros ticket allowance for a year teaching
– Paid apartment or living allowance provided
– Paid medical insurance
– At least 1000 euros bonus after a year contract
– Two days off per week Plus Chinese national holidays

If you are interested in being a dance teacher in China, please feel free to send us your latest English CV along with some newly taken photos or videos.

We will react to your application in at most two working days.


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